Can’t Wait To See Her

If God will permit and my sister won’t have any problem on her medical and interview. I will be able to see here this year, she is coming to America and luckily she is just an hour away from me . She was talking about continuing her nursing course, i told her maybe doing an online degree will be a great idea. I wish i can do online teaching degree since i am not good on other course like nursing. Oh no it’s not my thing at all, i am proud of my sister cause she is very brave to take the nursing course. I cannot dear looking blood or taking care someone with blood all over or other problems. I am weak when it comes to that, anyway i cannot wait to see my sister i hope that everything will be find with her medical and interview. I will probably suggest to hear on taking some online degree. There are a lot of choices for her to do, if she really wants it.

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