Had A Good Time With Lexi

We all decided to go shopping to TS today, Lexi got some money from her birthday and she have been saving it for our upcoming road trip. Today she asked us if she can spend some money, of course she can. Shopping is ladies fun you know, so anyway, we all went to TS and she found few things that she really like. One of them is another pink purse which is not a surprise, i know she will buy it the moment i glance to the purse. Then she found few books and other things, while me on the other side was also busy shopping for some clothes. I was hoping to find some spring t-shirt but the one i saw wasn’t my style at all.

Then my husband was also shopping for some books, he did found few books and game for Lexi. Then after shopping we stopped at the park since Lexi wants to play for awhile. So she played, then walked around the park, then we went to DQ. After that we went to wal-mart and bought some things that we need for the house. It was such a beautiful day for all us, we all had a blast with our day. Hope that next weekend we can have a family date again.

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