Seven T Tag From Irel

I got this tag from Irel and so here it is.. Seven T.. I have to think words that start with T… ahhahahah…

Use a word that starts with letter T to describe you or what you want or have done today and T for THE is not acceptable! Who counts T for THE anyway? Have fun everyone.

Take-Out Food is easy to do but then homemade meal is much better and I can save some of my money.

Teddy-bear is one of the toys that I love to collect since I was still in the Philippines.

When I was a little I always love Tinkerbell I think she is the cuties character ever.

Texting my friend is what I normally do when I’m not busy at the studios.

I always enjoy Talking to my husband because his such a great listener.

It’s been awhile since I’ve watch Tagalog show or movies. Although there is you tube but still I don’t have enough time to just sit down and watch shoes & movies. .

Taking Lexi to places is one thing that we all enjoy, it’s always nice to see her happy and having fun. I always make sure that if she is with us, we are spending as much time as possible. Because one day she will be a growing up woman. And her baby stage is only once…

I am tagging everyone who wants to participate on this 7T tags.. You all enjoy and let me know when you grab this that way I can visit your blog as well.

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