You Can’t Call Them All Your Friends

Well as what we all noticed now a days a lot of people will you call their friends for few reason…
  1. Because you have money
  2. Nice house and cars
  3. Love to go shopping a lot
  4. Just they want to get information about your personal life then use it against you later on
I’ve encountered these kind of reason before and sad to say you always end-up losing your so called friends. But I learned it in a hard way, that not because you came from the same country and your culture are same you have to be friends with them. Well that is not true at all, you have to pick your friends.. There is no need to have a lot of friends when you can’t even trust most of them. Having friends two or four friends is not bad at all….

If they are real and true to you that’s all that matter.. A friend that you can count on, cried on when you have problem and always their during the ups and down of life are the kind of people who are worth keeping. To be honest, I only have four friends whom I enjoyed a lot.. No drama and our life is free on gossiping which is plus A++++ YOU KNOW… We just have to remember that friends comes and go and who are stayed during your difficulties are your true friends… That’s all for now and you all enjoy…

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