They Are Asleep Already

My husband and daughter are already asleep and I’m still up. Well that’s because I sleep late this morning, I think I got up around 10. Oh yeah it feels so good to sleep that long you know, and I thank my husband for letting me sleep that late. My husband was sitting beside me awhile ago and he said I give up I can’t stay up anymore I am going to bed. So I told him that I am not sleepy yet, he said how come…. Well remember I sleep late, and he right away said oh yeah… Lexi was pretty tired tonight because he was playing a little at the coliseum with other kids that she knew. She can’t play much so I watched what she is doing. Anyway, I might go to bed in few minutes as well cause I have early errands that need to be done tomorrow. Busy busy day for all of us, but we love it. That’s all for now I hope that you all enjoy.

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