2009 Is Almost Over

My gosh feels like the 2009 just come flying by all of us. Few more weeks and the year 2009 will be over. I am looking forward on what the 2010 will bring in our life. I know it’s going to be exciting and fun for my family. Ah, what is good about it too is that we will be working hard and won’t be driving far to work since we are living closer now. That’s what the advantage we have now is being closer to work now. Yeah it’s a walking distance from the house, we can even see our house from here :). This year 2009 has bring so much in my life some are pain but mostly love and happiness that I can’t exchange to anything.

I think life would be pretty boring and dead without pain and drama right? But too much drama can be stressful as well, thank God our drama in life finally stop. Boy what a life to live in a daily basis with drama everyday you know. I thank God for this year that I am healthy and blessed with the family I have. This is more than a Christmas present that he gave to me and I cherish it every second. Life is too short to be sad and fight.

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