Stayed At Home

This morning we went to the house of my husband ex-wife to get my step-daughter Lexi. She has the flu which is not fun because I know how she feels each time she get sick. Anyway, me and my husband did not feel good either. I have been feeling sick since two days ago, I started sniffing and I have a hard time breathing especially at night. So after we got Lexi, we drove straight to the studio to get some things that my husband needs. Then we all went home, I told my husband to just go home with us that way he can relax before his first appointment.

He has been working so hard this past months and he deserved a rest whenever he felt bad. I think we both got stomach virus but I am glad that we are not very sick. Since me and Lexi are home, we just watch television, learn about math which I enjoyed so much, play together in the bath, and spending time to each other. I always enjoy my time with her because she is such a wonderful baby girl. Anyway, I am glad that we are all feeling good now, Lexi is much better the only thing that bother her is her throat. But we gave her some medicine with it already as well as the other medicine that she needs. That’s all for now and you all have a great time.

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