I Miss Shopping

Lol not really but it’s fun to go shopping from time to time. I really don’t buy right away when I go shopping. What I do is walk around the mall and see if I can find some clothing that I might love to have and if not I just go home and do other things on my computer. There’s a lot of web site where I can shop for clothes too and buy the new style. But I think this time I have enough clothes that will last me until winter or next summer. I did not realized how much clothes I have been buying since last night. I was amazed and told myself that my shopping is done for awhile.

There was a lot of sales going on about few months ago and I had a hard time resisting the clothes I saw, especially when I can glanced at the prices. There are stores that really marked down their sales to a very low prices. So I bought as much as I can get but only if I need it too. That’s all for now and you all have a great time.

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