Christmas With Mom and Pope

Last Saturday me, Lexi and my husband went to visit mom and pope John. We spent our early Christmas with them since it’s the only time that we can be with them. We won’t be able to see for few months since we have to be careful with pope Johns’ health. Anyway, we started driving going to the cabin about 5 in the afternoon, and we arrive about 8:30 in the evening. Me, Lexi and my husband was little bit hungry, so when we arrived at moms’ house she gave us some sandwiches.

We didn’t not see pope right away because the time we arrived at the house he was already asleep because he had headache. So after we eat we just sat down on the coach and talked about our trip and other things. Then 1 hour later pope woke-up and we are so happy because we all love our pope. Lexi is so excited to give the gifts that we brought to pope and mom, so as soon as pope woke-up we started giving gifts to each other.

Lexi opened her gifts first then pope, then mom, my husband and I was the last one that opened my gifts. I was very pleased with that gifts I got from my mother-in-law because it’s just the one that I needed. Well my husband actually told me about it awhile back but I just didn’t but it. So after we exchange gift we sit down and just visit to each other, then went to bed because we both all tired from the trip. Me and my husband did not sleep good for some reason as well as Lexi and Pope John.

We we’re hurting all over hahahha yeah I mean our back was hurting and we can’t really sleep. We finally went back to sleep around 4 in the morning, however some of them are already awake especially Lexi. So while Lexi and mom are spending time together me and my husband went to sleep. Spending our Christmas with them is just awesome, we all had a great time and we drove back home Monday afternoon. That was a fantastic time being with mom and pope and hopefully soon we will visit them again.

That’s all for now and you all have a great time. Happy Holiday Everyone…….

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