What’s In My Christmas List?

I really don’t have a Christmas list yet, however there’s few things that I really want to have if I can. Yeah since I love singing a lot I would like to have a magic microphone that way I can say any time I want. Also I want new pairs of shoes, I do have a lot of shoes now but since I love collecting them it don’t matter. My husband told me that he might just give me a gift card and let me shop for shoes since he knows how I love shoes.

The other thing that I want to have is a nice set of baking stuff. I don’t care what it as long as I can use it in my kitchen. There’s a lot in my mind but I find it impossible to have hahahahhahha. I bet if I will tell my husband what I really what he probably just laugh at me. Anyway, I will show some pictures here one day about the things I want to have, only if I have time ok. That’s all people, take care and thanks for stopping by this morning.

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