My Name In Japanese

Ok here’s some fun tag I got from Garf, “My Name In Japanese”. Hmmmm I wonder what my name will be I hope it won’t make me laugh so bad hehehehhehe. Because all I know is that my name sound ok to me. I love the way it is and sure want to know other name hahahhahah. Ok here’s my Japanese Name everyone.


A – ka G – ji M – rin S – ari Y – fu

B – tu H – ri N – to T – chi Z – zi

C – mi I – ki O – mo U – do

D – te J – zu P – no V – ru

E – ku K – me Q – ke W – mei

F – lu L – ta R – shi X – na

Anna- karirika “This name sound like ge kir-kir ka” hahhhahahha wahhhh this is fun.
Feel free to grab this everyone, have fun with it.

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