My Favorite Color

Before I use to just love and adore the blue color. I remember back when I was about 20 I think or younger than that. I just love to buy blue shirt all the time, however they have different design, but still they’re blue such as the light blue, navy and other blue color that is good for the eye. I notice that this time I’m more into green color, mostly light green and some of the yellow color, as well as the brown color. I don’t know why but that’s what I noticed to myself, maybe as we get older our favorite will change too huh hahahahhaha. I get attractive to yellow, green, brown, and some other colors now which is good. Anyway that’s all for now, good day people.

One thought on “My Favorite Color

  1. Yupp, thats definitely true. The older you get the more you like neutral colours 🙂

    For now my favourite is pink, will see when I get older too, shall we?

    Have a great one!

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