Mother and Daughter

This a picture of my mom and sister, which sometimes like a sister hehehehhehe. Yeah back when I was still in the Philippines if three of us go out together some people will say to us the our mom is our eldest sister hahahahhaha. Especially me and my mom we look more like sister, but my sister she’s more at my dad.

This picture was sent to me the other day and my sister told me to judge who is sexy or pretty hahahahhaha. For me they both look pretty and happy too, I told my sister that on this picture she looks white than before. I think that because she just have a little girl not too long ago.

She’s happy that finally she give birth because as what she said she will be sexy again hehehehhehe. I love my sister and I am happy with the life she have right now. That’s all and take care everyone.

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