I Was Surprised

About 2 hours ago I called my parents, because last night they want me to call them but I didn’t have any calling card to use. So I just sent text to them that I will call today which is night to them. I thought there might be another problem or maybe money because I know the money I sent wasn’t really enough. I sent them money for the funeral and so on, anyway, my dad told me that our relatives are coming for the funeral and it was a big surprised to me. Because I thought the only people that is going to be there is just my parents, grandparents, my aunts and other relatives of my uncle’s wife.

Then when they told me that my relatives are coming I was so happy because I know that helps alot to my grandparents and to the family of my uncle. I just finished talking to my brother awhile ago, I called him while waiting for the car and other family members that are going to Butuan. Yeah that’s how far they gonna travel today, I have no idea how long it’s going to take but I’m sure it’s far away. Anyway, that’s all for now and take care everyone.

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