Another Birthday Is Here

Tomorrow is my nephews’s birthday and he will be 3 years old. Yup his getting bigger now and his having fun with my family. Last night I didn’t tell my family that I was sending a little amount of money to use for my nephews’ birthday celebration. So I told me sister to try and check her email, so she checked it and she just smile because she knows what’s inside of my email. I told here before that I will send money for my nephews’ birthday. I just want them to have preparation you know, because I know it’s once a year. However, don’t think that was the end because there’s 3 more celebration coming up hehehehhehe. That sure alot huh but yeah there’s more anniversary and birthday coming. I wasn’t sure what they’re going to prepare but my sister told me last night she will buy a birthday cake for JM. Anyway, I’ll share some pictures later….Thanks for stopping by.

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