My New Tube

I was having fun during the auction of this tube because I wasn’t the only one that was bidding to this style. There was another woman that wanted this style but unfortunetly she lost it because I bid at the last minute. One thing that I learned on ebay is when you want something really bad and you want to win it. Bid when it’s 10 second left, but to make sure you will get it open another window with that auction and then add your bid amount then click the Place Bid, then click the confirm when it’s 10 second left.

I’ve been doing that and it’s really effected to me. Because I always win the clothes, but if there’s another people that are bidding on the same item you might be outbid hehehehhe. Which happens to me just last night. I put a bid on one clothes and I put that max amount that I want to pay but still I was outbid. Anyway, back to this tube, I can’t wait for this to get here. Because I know this is cute, it may not be cute to you but it sure does cute to me hehehhehehheheh. Take care everyone and have fun.

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