Music Is Always Great

I listen to different kind of music each day and each time I always love it. The music for me is just a great medicine from sadness. It helps me forget my problems for a moment you know. It gives me strenght and joy inside my heart. I kinda strange sometime because when I feel sad or lonely I always listen to some music. Not the love song though because that will make me cry hhehhehehhehe. I cry easily so when I’m sad I always listen to some rock music that I like. Yeah rock is good but not the kind of rock that will ruin my ears hehehheheh..

Mostly I listen to Bob Marley, and other R&B music that I can jam. Bob Marley is one of my best favorite kind of music, I like the sound of it and it just perfect for dancing or sway. Back when I was living in the Philippines, I always go to the karaoke place to sing because even thought I don’t have nice voice. I always like to sing, I love old time son ghehehhehhehe. Yeah I like those song that was made before I was born ehehhehehhehe. They’re great and has alot of meaning to it, which sometimes perfect match with my life. Anyway, that’s all story for now, thanks for visiting here in my blog.

One thought on “Music Is Always Great

  1. Hi Anna, i love music too LOLs..Na answeran na nako imoa tag, kron ako na sad mag tag nmo ha! lols..ayaw lang katagam sa pag tag sa akoa LOLs…mao ni ang title sa tag which disney princess are you?cge have a nice day and ingatshave a great weekend!

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