Basic Facts About Me

I was tag by my lovely friend GingSorround By Everything In This World” with this lovely meme. Sorry Ging it took so long for me to post is here. I completely forgot hehhehehehhe. Thanks for tagging me and I appreciate it. Now I’m tagging my lovely friend Garf….

Okay here’s the basic facts about me hmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

INSTRUCTION:Here are the rules: Link to the person that tagged you and post the rules on your blog. Share seven random and/or weird facts about yourself. Tag seven random people at the end of your post, and include links to their blogs. Let each person know they have been tagged by leaving a notification on their blog.Here… it come….

1. I am very friendly and love meeting new people, but remember to always say your name cause I will forget it right away.

2. I like to clean but when the mood strike of being lazy, no cleaning will be done hehehheheh.

3. I am a kind of woman who enjoy cooking alot, I found it very challenging for me to try to cook something that I haven’t done before.

4. I am very easy going person, flexible, and as what my friends told me before fun to be with, hmmm maybe some but I’m cool.

5. I am very addicted on working with my blog, and sometimes I forget to eat hehehhehe

6. When I want something to be done I always finish it, I don’t stop unless I finish it or get frustrated. And if I have a goal I always try to get it.

7. I am sweet woman but if you treat me really bad I could be the worst person you’ve known. I can forgive but don’t expect you can take you back. That’s my philosophy, if you hurt me once or twice you will hurt me more.

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