It’s Finally 2008……

Another year is here and hope that this would be better….Well I had a good time during the 2007 but I know this year 2008 has alot of suprises for everyone of us. So how was your new year everyone? I hope it was all fun and happiness.

Mine was great because I was with my Daveh. We stayed at home since I thought it would be safer that way. There’s alot of drunk drivers out you know from party, so last night I decided to make chicken litchon which I baked on the oven, then made fruit salad and macaroni.

I was gonna do mango float but too bad the mango was bad, so better luck next time huh. Mango Float is one of my favorite dessert since it’s taste delicious and the flavor is perfect for me. Yeah I’m kinda picky you know….. Anyway, it was great and fun new years night for us, everyone stayed up late, and at 12 we ate some of the fruit salad and the macaroni. So great time being with the family. Anyway, that’s all for now and thank you all for always visiting here in my blog.

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