I’m So Happy Happy Happy…

Well yeah I better be happy, awhile ago I was pissed because I missed one goodes opps which is the $65. Oh well that’s life is you missed something you’ll get something right? Anyway, I chatted with my friend Garf and told her that I am getting mad because I missed the $65, that’s because I think the server of ppp went slow. It was fast when I first started and it went to then it faster again. I really don’t know but that’s what happen, anyway, just a minute ago I saw the $50, my eyes went wahhhhhhhhhhhhh… So I click on it right away and I thought I’m going to missed it again since, the server went slow again. I just relax and keep wishing on my mind that I will get the opps. Thanks god I did and now I’m going to make whewwww, that’s what makes me happy hehehehhehehehhehe.

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