Emotion Test From Ritchelle

I got this tag from Ritchelle…So here’s my answer…..

Emotion test…DON’T CHEAT
Write your answers underneath thequestion.
The answers are at the bottom, BUTdon’t cheat.
Then repost this for others to answer.

1 .Which color is better red, black,green, blue, or yellow? — Red

2 . Your first initial? — A

3. What month were you born in?? — Dog

4. Which color do you like more, blackor white? — White

5 .Name one of your friends? — Honey Nunez..

6. Your favorite number? — 3

7 . Do you like flying or driving more? — Can I have both hehehe

8 . Do you like a lake or the ocean more? — Lake

– – Answers-

1. if you chose:

red- you are alert and your life isfull of love.

black – you are conservative andaggressive.gr een – your soul isrelaxed and you are laid back.

blue- you are spontaneous and lovekisses and affection from the ones youlove and give good advice to those whoare down.

yellow – you are a very happy person..

2. if you’re initial is:

a-k – you have a lot of love andfriendships in your life.

l-q – you try to enjoy your life to themaximum & your love life is soon toblossom.

r- z – you like to help others and yourfuture love life looks very good.

3. if you were born in:

jan-mar – the year will go very wellfor you and you will discover that youfall in love with someone totallyunexpecte d.

april-june – you will have a stronglove relationship that will lastforever.

july -sept – you will have a great yearand will experience a majorlife-changi ng experience for the good.

oct-dec – your love life will be great,and eventually you will find your soulmate.

4. if you chose:

black: your life will take on adifferent direction, it will seem hardat the times but will be the best thingfor you, and you will be glad for thechange.

white: you will have a friend whocompletely confides in you and would doanything for you, but you may notrealize it.

5. this person is your bestfriend.

6 . this is how many true friends youhave in your lifetime.

7. if you chose:

flying – you like adventure.

dr iving- you are a laid back person.

8. if you chose:

lake – you are loyal to your friendsand your lover and yourself are veryreserved and not emotional.

ocean – you are spontaneous and liketo please people sometimes.

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