Camera Anywhere

Yeah anywhere I go the camera is always with me even inside the fitting room hahaahhaha. This was taken inside the fitting room of Forever21 while I was trying some pants that I am thinking on buying. But before living the room I thought it would be cool to have some picture inside the fitting room hhehhehehe.

It’s to shop when your by yourself hehehhehehe. Because you don’t have to worry about someone waiting for you outside. Well the time I was shopping, I was all by my self and I am taking my time. Anyway, how’s everyone doing? Hope you all have a great day, mine was ok. It was kinda boring but was ok. Have fun reading and hope you all have a great time. Thanks for visiting my blog again.

One thought on “Camera Anywhere

  1. Hahaha makatawa man ko nimo oi,murag ako anywhere I go dala gyud ang cam sa bag.pwera pa sa mga burloloy. wala pa hinoon ko ka huna-huna ani nga click even sa fitting room 🙂 pero oks sab atelast naa ka ebidensya sa imong shopping day. na sige ni agi lang dinhe nimo medyo dugay dugay na man gud ko wala laag sa mga online friends. take care and enjoy your week-end with your hubby.

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