Happy ThanksGiving

Wanna share this very nice meaning about thanksgiving. I hope you all will like this.

This poem is written by : Judith A. Lindberg

T- is for the Trust the Pilgrims had so many years ago.
H- is for the Harvest the settlers learned to grow.
A- is for America, the land in which we live.
N- is for Nature and beauty which she gives.
K- is for Kindness, gentle words, thoughtful deeds.
S- is for Smiles, the sunshine everyone needs.
G- is for Gratitude…our blessings great and small.
I- is for Ideas, letting wisdom grow tall.
V- is for Voice, singing, laughing, always caring.
I- is for Indians, who taught them about sharing.
N- is for Neighbors, across the street, over the sea.
G- is for Giving of myself to make a better me.

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