I’m So Tired and Lazy

Gosh I’ve never been so tired like this, I mean not totally tired but My body just felt so tired. Feels like I’ve carried 100 lbs of rocks ahhahahhaha. Plus I felt kinda lazy doing some opps too, it’s because of what happen the other night. I was upset, disappointed, mad, what else. But I was hurt though because 7 of my entry from smorty was declined. You know why it’s because they said I have it before already. Oh well I took it because they gave it to me. It’s natural that you take what has given to you of course, but I didn’t know that you can’t take opps with different title, but same links, over again. One opps each blog no repeat, what make me mad is that why would they gave it to me if I can’t take it again. Anyway, that was last night and I’m trying forget about it, I just put it into my inner brain, and think it’s not a big deal. However, finally last night I got my payments from them, gosh thanks God. I’ve been waiting for that payment since Friday because they said they will pay each blogger by the end of the week. But this time it’s kinda late I don’t know why, maybe they have some system problem only God knows.

I love smorty and I enjoying catching opps there, because it’s no limit how many you catch as long as you don’t repeat the entry or opps whatever it is hehehehhehehe. Right now I just got another opps from them and glad it’s not repeat opps or else I’ll be so disappointed. Anyway have fun everyone, more updates will come soon.

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