My Two Wonderful Friends….

I would like to share you all this two ladies. The one in the red is Elaine and the other is is Vanessa. I’ve known Elaine for 3 years now, if I can remember it correctly. She was still in the Philippines when we start chatting on the Internet. Then the other one which is Vanessa, I knew her just couples months ago. I’ve known her because she’s a friend of Elaine and Dave.

Before I moved here in Texas Dave and Elaine introduced me to Vanessa already. So after I arrived here in Texas Vanessa and I start calling to each other. I’m sure glad I knew someone that’s close where I’m at. It’s pretty lonely sometimes you know, being in a place that you don’t know anyone other than your husband and son ahhahahha. Anyway, this are also VIP to my wedding just like Ivy, the other beautiful friend of mine. That’s all for now and have a wonderful time reading my blog.

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