Happy and Content….

OK I don’t know what to say first but anyway this picture was taken inside my apartment. I took this picture during my day off from work. Gotta enjoy the day you know. Because the next day is another day to work.

This pose is my first kinda sexy, seductive?( hehehhe oh whatever you call it) pose. I found this one of my magazine and I thought doing it would be fun. So what I did I set my camera timer and there give me best shot.

What I like about this picture is I’m being sexy and I think a little bit seductive hehhehehe, oh well picture is an art and I’m enjoying it as you can see on my face. There’s nothing wrong on exploring what you have and what you like to do. Taking pictures is what I like and I am happy doing it. It’s my natural beauty and I’m happy and content woman to have the look I have. Not pretty but atleast I am proud of it ehhehhehe.

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