Different Happy Faces Of Me…

This is me back when I was 23 years old. My hair is kinda short though but I love how I look anyway hehehhe. Remember those times is sure fun and I’m glad to found a picture of me when I was 23. I’m sure I still look the same though you know hehehhe.

This was all taken by me, using the timer on my camera. Some are web cam pictures but mostly are from the camera I used to have. Gosh I just can’t get enough pictures aren’t I? Anywhere I got it’s always need to be photograph hehehehe.

Well my philosophy is “Life is too short so we must enjoy every minute of it”. And that’s what I’m doing. Taking pictures is my hobby and I’m having fun doing it. It’s kinda hard though when your taking pictures and you are the person to take a picture too. Hmmmm did I say it right anyway it’s sounded right anyway, I’m sure you know what I mean hehehhehe. Anyway that’s all for now, just trying to make an update for my blog here and It came to my mind sharing this picture I found hehhehehe. Good day and have a great weekend everyone. mauhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

2 thoughts on “Different Happy Faces Of Me…

  1. hi pretty Ann, great photos! ganda ng smile mo…thx sa message..visit ka sa site ni sis agring ha, greet ka ulit doon,hehe.. ok lang ba sayo…pls..thx again..TC

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