Start The Morning With Coffee.

Wake-up this morning with a cup of coffee and a slice of rice cake. Don’t ask me why I have some rice cake, bcause I will tell you right now heheheh. Back when I used to lived in the Philippines, everymorning I always have some rice cake. My dad will go to the market at 4 in the morning to get rice cake cause he knows how much I love it together with the bread. So this morning I remember that I still have rice cake. It’s good I tell yah ehheheheh coffee with a slice of rice cake, hmmm yummyy. I woke-up feeling alright this morning, with a kiss from my husband. I was awake about quarter to 7 because my husand he always wake-up early in the morning to go to the shop. But me I just went back to sleep cause it was too early hehehhehe. Anyway I hope you all have a great morning and afternoon.

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