Dave’s Recipe Tonight Is??????

Tonight Chef is my honeypie Dave. And his recipe is “Gator Gar Fry”. It’s was so good, and It taste like eating chicken meat. Gator is the fish that we caught last Sunday when we went fishing.

Here’s the ingredients for marinating the fish:
*Milk enough to cover the fish
*black pepper
*garlic salt
He marinate the fish over night, and cut into serving pcs. I wasn’t sure about the measurement though because I was looking when he was doing the marinate. Anyway the picture above showed how the fish marinated. Here’s how he cooked the fish:
1. He used flour to cover the fish.
2. In the flour he mix black pepper, cayenne, and garlic salt.
3. He have a big bowl of flour it’s a medium size of bowl.
4. Heat the oil in the deep-frying pan.
5. Then start cooking, he knows what his doing so I’m not sure how long is the cooking on each set.
This is how it look when it was still cooking. It’s a hot boiling oil as you can see it here. While is was cooking the smell bring so much attention to me hehehhe. I ate a lot before we started our dinner. Even when it was still hot, I can’t stop my mouth to eat since it’s smells wonderful.

So I hope you all enjoy this simple easy yummy recipe of my hubby. It’s really good and I love it. More recipe’s will be shared soon.

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