Good Morning and Happy Monday Everyone……

I woke-up this morning at 7:25 too early because last night I didn’t drive my car going home. We were driving just the truck of my honey Dave. So this morning I have to get up early in the morning which is odd for me because I usually get-up at 10 and sometimes even 11. Yeah I can sleep that long and I feel good when I get-up. Anyway, I had sore in my back after all the fun we had yesterday. I didn’t do much yesterday but the pain in back feels like I carry 50 lbs of fish hehehehhe. Well I did carry the smaller one but it was only 20-25 lbs I guess which I have a hard time carrying it. Maybe that’s why I have pain in the shoulders and back.

However, the weather today is beautiful as usual here, cool and the sunshine looks so pretty. As soon as I woke-up this morning the first thing I checked is my opps and how many of them got approved already. Thank God on my smorty I have 11 approved out of 14, and one more thing I already got the payment so I’m so happy even though my back and shoulder are sore. I got my first earning on my blog from smorty. Thank you all for the nice advice you gave to me. Ok enough drama now huh, have a great morning everyone. Enjoy the rest of the day.

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