Our Fishing Today.

We all have a great time fishing today, the weather was perfect. We’ve been planning fishing since I moved here in Beeville, but we don’t have time to do it. Since I’ve been so busy preparing for the wedding, and plus our shop is so busy. So today we spent almost whole day fishing on the lake. We started about a little after 12 o’clock, since in the morning we did a lot of preparation then stop in the store to get some things we need on out fishing. Fishing is sure fun especially if your family is with you.

We caught three fish, one is 53″, then 33″ and the small fish which is the catfish 17″. I had fun taking pictures to my two guys while they’re having fun waiting and catching fish. The fish the got was really strong, the name of the fish is an “aligator gar”, I don’t know if I spell it right but that’s that name anyway. I’m sure we decide to go fishing today, because we have to much fun. Catching the fish is fun watching them using all there strenght just to get the fish in the boat. The last fish we caught was about 50 lbs. and it’s was sure heavy I can’t even left it myself. The first one though I think it was about 20-25 lbs. I try to carry it myself and it sure was heavy.

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