I’m So Happy!!!!!!!!!!!

I woke-up this morning feeling‘ so tired, you know why because we had a long trip last night. Anyway I missed using my PC for one day, since we went to some birthday party. I checked my email this morning and guess what I found? I got email from blogsvertise that my blog has been approved and ready to do advertisement. Then after that email I received a first offer from Insurance Company. Of course I accepted it right away, I didn’t let the blessing pass me by you know. It’s always good when the blessing some to you. Gosh I’m so glad I joined, cause it’ sure fun making entry hmmmmmm you need alot of thinking though on what to say.

Thanks to all my friends that encourage me to joined on blogsvertise. I really appreciate it, thanks for Ivy and Garf for helping me how to start it too.

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