Bisdak Here In Texas…..

OK here’s the beauty of bisdak here in Texas. It was great to finally meet them in person. We have fun even though it wasn’t for whole day. They’re all friendly and nice and very funny too.

From the left is Annie, Janine, Anne and Me. Posing to the max.

Hmmm two are looking towards my camera, then me and Annie are looking to a different camera.
Here’s our man from the left is my fiancee Dave, then Annie’s husband, then Janine husband and then the husband of Anne. Sorry just can’t remember the name, I’m not good on memorizing the names.

I hope you all have fun looking at this pictures. We didn’t have much pictures cause were busy taking pictures during the show, which I will share here in awhile hehehhehe.

One thought on “Bisdak Here In Texas…..

  1. ay sus buyag ka mga gwapa! hehehe! dili ikalimod na bisdak jud. hehe. thanks for sharing this pic anne. maayo pa mo diha kay eb2x na. kami tawon diri sa davao wala pa. murag c tere ug pring pa akong na-meet sukad. hehe.

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