Weekend Plan…

Tomorrow is so wonderful since were going to be out of town to attend a birthday party. Yeah this was plan about 3 weeks ago and I’m so glad my fiancee wants to go too. Well first of all I’m glad that he bought me car so I can drive that far you know hehehhehe. Without car I can’t go to some places I want hehehhe. It would be hard for me to keep asking to my honey to go some place. I know he will take me but I would be shy though, gosh I have some shy huh heheheh.

Anyway tomorrow we’ll be driving towards McKinney Texas about 6 hours away from where we lived. Hmmmm too far huh but hey I love driving so it’s doesn’t matter. I’m going to meet my pinay friends again gosh I missed them. Yeah they’re my CB friends that I’ve meet before, and I’m happy until now we still have communication even though we lived in different place but one state hehehhe. I thank Marlette for inviting me first, cause if she didn’t invite me then I wouldn’t be driving out of town.

I’m so excited I can’t almost go to sleep lol, gosh too much emote me huh. So Sunday is the birthday party, and then after the party we have to go to Arlington to attend some get together of other pinay. Geezz busy life huh, well I’m glad and excited to meet my online friends. Atlast I can actually talk to them face to face now. So I’m hoping to meet Janine, Annie and Anne on Sunday too… Anyway that’s our weekend plan….. Have a great weekend everyone…

2 thoughts on “Weekend Plan…

  1. it was indeed such a pleasure to meet 3 of you day Anna.kagamay diay nimong taw oi nag expect ko makigkita kog higanti sos ko ka slimmerds diay nimo tawn hehehehe…pls share sa pics sa ym ha? hee whoaa wala p sila abot,kami padulong na matulog..au au mo day

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