It’s Wednesday Afternoon..

Gosh I felt so lazy and tired today, wanna know why? It’s because I was awake until 1 in the morning last night and got up this morning early cause my mouth was hurting cause of the sore I got. It’s a beautiful day today, it was cold but as cold as I used to be, back when I was in Michigan. I really like the weather here cause it’s almost like in the Philippines. Today my honey Dave and my stepson was wearing there jacket. So they asked if I don’t feel cold since I’m wearing t-shirt only. It wasn’t that cold really for me, but for them it was so they have there jacket. I just give a smile and told them that I’m fine.

I think the weather here in Texas is start to get cold now. But at least it’s not as cold as places, gosh I can’t Imagine what other place got right now. They probably have some snows already since it’s October already.

I’m sure glad I’m in Texas hehehehhe, anyway I don’t have anything to do today. That’s why I’m here doing updates on my blog to keep me from getting bored not doing anything.

I accomplished some things today for my wedding and hopefully soon. All my wedding things will be done. It sure not fun preparing for the wedding, few more months and my wedding will be here. The months are so fast, feels like Christmas already. Hmmmm I love Christmas you know cause that’s the time I get lots of present….. I just have to make my Christmas list to show it in advance to my honey hehehhehe. He might forget who know…..

Well I think that’s all for now, but remember to come visit me often for more updates will be posted soon…

2 thoughts on “It’s Wednesday Afternoon..

  1. Hi An, u got pretty pic here..and good luck to ur coming up wedding..naexcite din ako 4 u..share lots of pix nya hah heheh…take care and God bless!

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