What’s The Plan For Today????

OK today me, my honey and our son are going to San Antonio to see the hotel for the wedding. It’s kinda earl huh but I’m glad I did my home work months away from my wedding. Because when I called the hotels in San Antonio most of them are fully book already but the day I want. So I’m glad to found one hotel which is close to the river walk, which makes me so happy. I’m doing my home work and I’m almost done doing it. It’s not fun preparing the doing it’s full of stress sometimes hahhahahha. Stress thinking what else that need to be done and what’s done already. Keeping records of everything is not my hobby hehehhe. However, I’m working on it and I think I’m doing good so far hehhehehe.

Yeah I enjoy doing things for my upcoming wedding which is few more months away. I’m super excited now “can’t you tell?” hehhehehhe. Oh yeah I know you can for sure, I can too hehehhehe lol funny me huh. We have two things to do today, look the hotel see if it’s nice and have a great customer service. Second we have to re size my ring since the last we went to San Antonio we totally forgot about it. Now we gonna do two things but one at a time hehhehehe. Yeah my honey might cry to the corner of being so busy doing all this things for the wedding. I’m so happy that’s it’s alright for him traveling and doing all sort things you know. His very supportive, understanding and easy going.

Anyway enough drama now hehehhehehe… I will give more update later when we come home. Have fun everyone…Enjoy your Saturday…..

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