Fresh Strawberry Chocolate Cake..

Yeah this is what we have for our dessert. My honey loves chocolate cakes and he love to have dessert too. So I thought it would be nice if I give him some dessert.

When he came home from work the table is almost ready for dinner. He have to wait for awhile for the dinner. About 5-10 minutes the dinner was ready. That time he haven’t seen the cake yet.

Then I called them cause the table is ready and the first thing he saw is the cake hehehhehehe. It makes me happy when my honey is happy. So I always feed him food that will make him happy ehehhehe.

Anyway this is a Fresh Strawberry Chocolate Cake, which is really good and I’m so glad my honey Dave like it. That’s all talking for dessert now you might get hungry you know hehehehhe. Take care everyone and have a great weekend.

6 thoughts on “Fresh Strawberry Chocolate Cake..

  1. WOW, dae Anna, you really know the way to a man’s heart. Ana gyud, pagkasweet nalang sa bride2b oi. Looks yummy and healthy kay fresh man. I wonder how you stay in shape, after cooking all those deliscious meal, kay ako busog naman ko daan habang nagaluto ko, unya magjoin sab ko nila mokaon.Thanks for sharing, have a great weekend.

  2. Hhehehhehe yeah I know most of his favorites Raq. That’s why I love to cook food for them…Thank you dai Raqs ha, exercise lang man tingale ni akong io. Kay inig human ug kaon hala lihok naman sba hehehhehehe. Thanks for the comments.

  3. patikim naman yung cake mo ana!!!tsarap yata tingnan ,,.how much more when i taste it!for sure i will jump for joy!lol

  4. Io thank you sa inyong mga comments tawon. Kaning cake tawon gipalit ni io was gyud ni nako gihimo hahhahhahaha. Naa ko re cipe pero na maglisod ko himo io tapos wala nay time. Share lang nako ang mga recipe one day.

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