Bihon With Beef For Dinner…..

The recipe for tonight it “Bihon with Beef” yeah I made this name hehehehhe. I can’t really decide what I’m going to make for dinner. Then I remember that my honey and stepson likes noodles. So I go ahead and make the bihon with beef.

Here’s My Recipe:

2 lbs. beef (mine was cut into cube)
2 cups carrots
2 stalk of green onions
2 cup celery
1.5. cup green pepper
2 cups snap beans
3 cups cabbage
7 beef cubes
4 tbsp. oil
3 tbsp. soy sauce
2 tbsp. white cooking wine
1 tbsp. salt
1 tsp. pepper
1 tsp. spicy (you can add as much spicy as you want)
300g Bihon or Rice Noodles
4 cups water

Here’s How I Cooked:

1. Heat the frying pan before adding the oil.
2. When it’s hot already, add the oil. Let is heat for awhile.
3. Then add the green onions and the onions, I cooked it for 2 minutes.
4. Added the beef stir it and then add the soy sauce, cooked it for 15 minutes.
5. After 15 minutes add all the ingredients except for the Rice Noodles (Bihon)
6. Simmer it for 8 minutes.
7. Then add the noodles, and stir to mix with the vegetables.
8. Cooked for another 5 minutes.
9. When the cooking is over, I sprinkled the leaves of green onions on the top. To make it looks yummy more hehehheh.
10. Served it with rice..
11. Then wallllllllllllllaaaa dinner is wonderful.
The dinner was really and everyone was happy. Honey loves it cause it’s delicious as what he said. I’m glad they like it, it makes me do more cooking everyday hehehehe.

Sometimes I just can’t think of anything to cook. I have some recipe that is written in my brain but they may not like it though heheheh. It’s a memory recipe of mine hehehhe.

Because back when I was in the Philippines, I love to watch my brother and mom cook. And I’ll just watch what kind of ingredients they have. Ok back to our dinner tonight, it was really good. I got the taste I want, no salty whatsoever it was just perfect.
It feels good when you get the taste you want you know. Anyway, you may not want to follow my measurement here. You can adjust them too, depends on how many people you’ll have for dinner or lunch.
Also don’t forget experimenting the recipe is fun. Make it a little of yours and that’s where the fun thing is. In cooking there’s so much fun you can do. Especially preparing all the ingredients.
It’s a lot of fun when it’s comes to cooking. So enjoy it while you can hehehhee. This is all for now, have fun everyone.

8 thoughts on “Bihon With Beef For Dinner…..

  1. Angel…Hhhehehhe lage palami kay para always pilit si fafang nako ani.Ladyracs…Lupig man gyud hehehhe bitaw io it’s good to cook home made meals gyud, lingaw man gud ba.

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