And What’s For Dessert??????

This is what I made for our dessert tonight. I made Biko, I’ve been wanting to make it but at the same time I afraid that I might mess-up hehehhehehe.

I bought all the ingredients yesterday when we went to Houston. That’s not the only reason why we went there alright, lol. We visited one of my friend there and since there’s so many Asian market there. We decided to do some shopping before going home.

One thing that I try to look is the brown sugar and glutinous. I’m glad I found everything I wanted.
My recipe for this is just simple just like any other biko you know. I had 4 can of coconut milk and a bag of brown sugar. Then I cooked the rice and when it’s done cooking I sit it aside and make a latik. After I make the latik I put some extra latik to the other pan just encase I need it. Then I mix the rice and I put it to the baking desh to put in the oven. The ove was preheated at 375. Cooked it for 5-10 minutes and wallllaaaaaaaaaa it’s ready yummyyyyy….

One thought on “And What’s For Dessert??????

  1. kalami pod ana imong biko An oi. mosamot ko katambok ani, lol! lami ni tanan imong mga gipangluto dri ba. hawod diay ka magluto An. anyway, thanks for sharing the recipes pod. kopyahon unya nako ni.

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