Here’s How My Wedding Shopping Today….

I’m so upset right now…. Because I was finished with everything for my blog and when I click the published it was all gone cause the explorer or the server have some error. Grrrrrrr this is really pissed me off. Anyway here’s some slide show of all the dress I tried on today. The shopping went very well, were at david’s bridal for over 3 hours I think not sure can’t remember too busy fitting those dresses.

It was nice cause my fiancee and my stepson went with me. And they got to see the dress I have own. Then of course the camera keep clicking and so I keep posing too hehehehhe. It was so much fun we had a great afternoon.

So the slide show that’s I have below are the pictures of all the gown I tried own. Click here for the slide show wedding gown pictures.

Alright here’s the pictures of the gown I picked. Yeah this is my wedding gown, I love it and I thought it’s look really pretty. My wedding gown is not here with me yet cause they have to order it and so is the dress for the bridesmaid, maid of honor and the flower girls. I can’t wait to wear this dress.. I’m so excited….Also don’t ask why I tried this own because I have too. To make sure the dress fit on me and what have to be change and not. I just don’t believed on those things…….sorry just have to be honest….

Ok here’s the dress for my bridesmaid and maid of honor. The red I have own is for my bridemaids and the other one which a different color for my maid of honor. I tried a different color of the dress for my maid of honor since they don’t have the apple red that I want. Excuse me with my sandal it didn’t match with the dress since I was wearing jeans when I went to David’s Bridal hehehehhe. And the bridesmaid dress slideshow

7 thoughts on “Here’s How My Wedding Shopping Today….

  1. Wow i am speechless Dae Anna you look great in your wedding gown nice gyud kaayo as very gyud.Good for you you are so lucky!Godbless & good luck to your wedding day!

  2. Darlene, Ritchell, Casey’s, Angel, and Ivy… Thank you all sa inyong comments ha. I’m so excited na gyud ba few more months to go and I will meet Ivy of course the sexy bridesmaid of mine. Then can’t wait to be finally married. Thank you again for the comments and for your often visit here on my blog….

  3. hello anna,wow kanindot kaayo sa imong bridal gown, really nindot kaayo.bitaw, ambot lang tinood ba na tinohoan, kay ako pod diri, gisukod bya pod nako kay unsaon man kono pag-retoki kung dili isoot….ang ilaha lang diri, dili pakit-on ang bana to be, mao ra….basta, i lke your bridal gown,….thanks for sharing……

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