Dinner Time Honey……

What’s for dinner well it’s simple and it was easy for my to prepare. I did cooked Chicken Stir-Fry, I got this recipe from the blog of my online friend. Since cooking is my hobby, I love to have home made meals sometimes. I mean I cooked once a day only. Sometimes I cooked lunch sometimes I cooked dinner. It depends on what my fiancee and son want. I know they’re not picky but I always ask them if they would like to taste different food.

As you can see I have the chicken marinate inside the bowl since I’m not really marinating this chicken for long. Then I have green and red pepper here, onions, celery, carrots, garlic, and cabage napa. I used cabage napa since I don’t have any other cabage. The marinated chicken has soy sauce, oil, and vinegar which really smells yummy. In the pot I put a little oil just to enough to cooked the garlic and the onions. Because for me I love the onions to be have smells before I put everything. Just to make the guest excited you know hehehehhe. Oh no just kidding alright. When I cooked I like to be alone in the kitchen too, so I can concentrate what I’m doing.

Anyway in the next picture you will see the chicken cooking with the sauce, vinegar and oil. So while I was cooking the vegetables in the other side, I’m cooking the chicken too in the other pot. That way it’s quick no need to wait for more minutes hehehehhehe. Isn’t that sound like lazy cooked? hehehhehe oh no just smart way I guess hehehhehe. While I was cooking my sweetheart Dave keep checking on me which is really good you know hehehhehe. I love it, and he keeps telling that it’s smells really good.

I bit it did make them hungry waiting for the food to be done. This is how it looks in the other pot with all the vegetables waiting to be cooke a little bit before I put the chicken meet and other spicy that I want to put. A friend of mine name Ivy advice me to coke the vegetables to the other pot so it’s quick. Well here it is I did it and it sure quick. I didn’t wait long for the dinner to be ready.

While making the dinner I took pictures too, you know already why. No excuse even during cooking dinner hehheehhehe. That’s why I have this all pictures to share to all of you. Here’s how it looks when it’s done, it’s hard to tell thought cause of the bright light. However, my fiancee and my stepson love it though. I did love it because it’s taste to yummy. I did it a little different than what’s the recipe said.

As soon as the cooking done I prepare the table before I called the, cause I know they’re hungry and can’t wait to eat dinner hehehehhe. When I asked my fiancee if his hungry he said he is. So glad the dinner was finished quicker than I thought. Anyway thanks for visiting my blog again and thanks to my online friends for the recipe. More update is on the way ehhehehehhe.

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