Meeting My Friend Online From Cherryblossom

Yeah I’m happy to meet Maria today together with her family. It was a plan already that were going to meet today. She’s really nice, sweet, and fun to be with. Were sure glad that we decide to meet today. Me and my fiancee had so much being with them. Especially me cause I have so much fun with her son. Her son is so cute and I have plan to play with.

This picture was taken at the chinese buffet where we had our lunch. We only have few restuarant in the place where we stay so pick to have lunch at chinese buffet. I love buffet and so is my fiance and I’m glad our friend did too. Well I don’t have much to say other than we have fun today during our meeting. It was great and everyone was happy. This picture of me, maria, and her son nick, was taken before we check-out from the chinese buffet. You know filipina no excuse on taking pictures. We always love to take pictures and so am I.
I don’t know why but most people especially women like taking pictures. So before we left we have to pose first and give our best smile, proving that were really are full from the lunch ehheheheh. No just kidding, just a remembrance of our first meeting you know.
My loving Dave, Me, Maria and her son. Taken at the chinese buffet.
Taken at our sho nick and me …..

This is our fun today, with our friend… I wish there could be more fun that we could do but time is limited and they have to visit there family. Alright enough now huh ahhahahha.. Thanks for visiting everyone…

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