What’s For Lunch Honey?

I have a hard time deciding what to cook for lunch today. I know my fiancee and stepson love my cooking but want to make sure that today I’m cooking food that they want hehehehe. They said they’re not picky with there food anyway, that’s why I love cooking.

Today I decided to cook chopsuey, which I love. I have all the ingredients so I’m all food to go. When I cooked I don’t really follow what’s on the recipe cause I do like to do it my own sometimes. As long as my food taste good that’s all that matters. Anyway in this recipe I have beef, get whatever beef you want. Then carrots, baby corn (which my stepson picked when we went shopping), celery, snap beans, sayote (sorry can’t remember the English name hehehehhe), then the onions.. and sauce.. And this is how it looks after I cook hehehhehehe, just a simple cooking recipe. After I cooked it I put it in the Tupperware to bring it to work so my family can have lunch. We always have late lunch cause sometimes in the morning. Our breakfast makes us full, yeah we do eat bean, bacon, egg, and tortillas. Hmmmm that sound yummy, you bit it is. It’s our favorite each morning.
Anyway back to our lunch, after I arrived at the shop. My fiancee came to the car to help but I got it all in my hand and it was hot because It wasn’t even 10 minutes after I cooked it. So I asked if they are all ready for lunch and yes they sure are. And the first thing my fiancee said after he taste the food, is that “It’s Delicious”. It makes me happy hearing that nice compliments, then my stepson told me that it’s good too. I’m so happy to have them, they’re now my family and I proud of them.
Alright I have to stop typing now hehehehhehe you might get bored reading all this post hehehehhe. More update soon, take care everyone..,.,

5 thoughts on “What’s For Lunch Honey?

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  2. Goodmorning lovely Anna, wow kasarap sa imong giluto oi…. that’s the best gyud ang home cook meals. Very healthy, best gift to the mmag-ama. Naglaway ko da.

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