Our Dinner At Boiling Pot Located At Rockport Texas

After we sat on our table the waitress give us our bib cause we will be eating seafood and it’s yummy and juicy. It’s been awhile since the last time I had a really good craw fish. And I can’t wait for our order hehehehhe. So while waiting for our order fiancee and I decided to take pictures for remembrance hehehhe. Oh well I love pictures and you all know it. I always have my camera with me so anywhere I go there’s always new pictures when I come back. I don’t know I’m freak with it comes on taking pictures.

The second picture is my fiancee and my stepson John. His a little shy I think but no matter what they’re always good looking hehehehe. I requested this pictures of father and son, so I can show this to my family hehehehe. Don’t they look the same? Yeah that’s what I thought too. This guys are really nice and loving, and I’m lucky to have them In my life. This is my appetizer the Gumbo my most favorite of all spicy but oh it’s yummy. This is one of the appetizer I love, it has rice, okra, beans, and other ingredients. Everytime I eat in some places that served seafood and has gumbo I always order gumbo cause I know how good they are. Well it depends though cause some don’t taste as good as others. So if I get lucky I get that gumbo that taste like gumbo in New Orleans ehhehehehe.
But this gumbo I did had this dinner was so hot and it was burning. I keep drinking my coke just to help the hot on my tongue hehehehhe. It’s me with my bibs, proud to wear this bib. The Boiling Pot, hehehhehehe. Yeah it sure boiling in here cause it’s hot. Anyway, I had nothing to do while waiting so I asked my fiancee if he could take a picture of me wearing this nice lovely bib. I don’t eat like a baby alright but this is just to protect so I won’t get dirty while eating my craw fish. I was thinking on breaking this home with me today for fun but I decided not too cause I’m sure people will look and laugh at me hehehehe. They might think I’m crazy woman hehehehhe. This is our dinner, this is how it looks before we eat it. It was clean and the table no mess yet. And John just watching while out waitress put the food on the table. It’s hot and we have to wait a little while before we eat it cause we might burn our tongue. It’s hot and spicy too hahahahha. So drinks are ready, because we know we’ll be drinking it every second cause of the spicy that’s in the food.

We all love seafood and can’t wait to taste this dinner. Thank you all for visiting my blog and continue reading my post.

4 thoughts on “Our Dinner At Boiling Pot Located At Rockport Texas

  1. yehhey, akoy nauna dinhi…hahahahah makatawa man ko anang inyong bib oi… reminds me of my kids kay di na kunuhay sila mo suot ug bib kay feeling big boys na kunuhay sila. ka enjoy sa inyong dinner oi… naa diay ka bunos stepson dae Anna, maayo kay mukhang but-an man. They sure are handsome. Bitaw dae Anna, akong hubby di gyud na mosugot mo picture ko basta mangaon mi kay naa ba daw diay mga tao mopicture inside sa restaurant sa dinner table wa gyud daw. Ingon ko basta Filipina way pasaylo, pictures anywhere gyud. Usahay di nalang gyud ko aron di masira ang mood. Maayo imo kay mosugot, smile sab gyud dayon sila.Naa diay ko Tag nimo dae Anna. Kindly visit my blog nalang. TC and have a nice day.

  2. Ladyracs… hehehhe ikaw gyud ang nauna dai ehhehe yeahhhh. Lage nag bibs gyud ba murag ug mga bata hehehehhehe. This dinner sure was fun tapos nalingaw gyud me sa spicy hehehhhehe. Oo naa gyud ko bunos na stepson dai Racs maayo baya siy aug batasan nahan ko ba kay welcome ko kaayo sa balay. Maayo lage kay ni smile ni sila, kabalo naman sila unsa ko ka addict when it comes to pictures mao smile gyud ayo hehehhehehe. Cool ni sila no problem sa pictures. Medyo shy ni akong stepson but the dad is cool.Angel….hehehhe lol Angel lami gyud kay nag bibs na gud hehehehhe. Thank you all for the comments.

  3. whoaaaa.. kalami na lang ana inyo gikaon dira. na hurot ninyo tanan? basin naa pay sobra? wahhahaha…wow kalami na lang ug mga smile sa daddy and son oh!! boutan jud bitaw ug nawong ay.. aaah maayo kay spoiled ka ann. hehehe!! i am so glad to see you so very happy with your new family ann. lahi ra jud ang smile nimo diri.. happy ko para nimo! basta hah hoipe u never change, labayan taka ug lapok duh heheh. btaw. sige ingat and enjoy… mwuaah!! Babyeeeregards to ur hubbby dovey and stepson. wafooo baya.

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