Here’s What My Fiancee Bought For Me Today…… A Brand New Car…. Thank you darlin….

Me and my fiancee woke-up early today becae we have a plan on going to San Antonio to shop for my car. I got up like almost 6:30 this morning which is really unsual for me cause I usually got up at 10 or 11 in the morning when I used to lived in Ann Arbor Michigan. But since I arrived here in texas I start getting up early. So I can’t remember exactly what time we start driving towards San Antonio but before we get to San Antonio we stopped at one Ford dealer along the road where my fiancee Dave got his truck… I’ve looked some of there cars and of course I only look for red color cars cause that’s the color I want. I found what I like but the customer service wasn’t good enough to convince both of us. So we continue driving towards San Antonio, going to the other ford dealer with high quality cars….

Alright to make this short, this is the car that I do like it’s because of it’s size and how it looks. I also love the color red so I gotta have it. And also i’ve seen this online already and I love it even though I only saw this on the pictures at first. Then when I saw it in person, boy I just felt inlove to it. It drives really good, the seat are comfortable. I’m proud of this car and I thank my fiancee Dave for buying me a car that I want (LOL).

This picture taken after we arrived at our shop. Pose pose with my new car, just proud of it and love it…. Thank you darlin…..

Here’s more pose of me, hubby can’t get enough of smile…

It’s me again, protecting my car no one gets to drive it except me hahahhahaha (just kidding I’m not that meanie alright).

7 thoughts on “Here’s What My Fiancee Bought For Me Today…… A Brand New Car…. Thank you darlin….

  1. Ateeeeeee…..Wowwww… Nice ayu imong Car oi… Generous jud kaayu si Kuya Dave Nuh.. Congratulations daan ate sa inyong umaabot na kasal.. Happy kaayu ko para sa imOha ate.. Ehehehe…GOD BLESS TO BOTH OF YOU….Thanks for being a nice friend ate..-grazceia-

  2. Aba, bonga itong new car mo An, brand spanking new. Lucky you naman to have such a car saka life na seems to be going great. Good for you ah. Keep it up. Thanks for sharing the pics.

  3. wow anna, like it too, kanindot ug nindot sab ang color, spacious kaayo,…ug wow, brand new pa.Ford dia pod diri ang factory?….cousin ni bernie is working sa one of the manufacturing.Ford is good here….Congrats sa new car anna,saka na ko mo say, congrats sa coming wed mo….share nya sa news ha?regards and thanks for the visit n pangumusta…..mayo ra pod mi tanan, thanks to God….sigi, au-au diha pod….regards to your bana to be…..lolmayo kay kind kaayo siya sa?ayaw na buhii, hikte na…heheheh

  4. Thank you all for your comments. I will do more update here. And yeah dai Ivy you will ride in this car next year when you get here in San Antonio. Thanks dai Vk for your comments and to Ana and Grazie. I appreciate your time.

  5. Wowowee ka patsada sa car nimo dae anna palangga gyud ka kaayo ni luvy nimo ba! like the color my favorite. cgi ayo ayo diha ug put more pictures ha! i can’;t get enough.LOl

  6. hi guapa,musta na?woww ka nice sa imong car oiii..i like the color dai,perte ka social..ako bisan pag drive nlng ug laing car di ko kamao..hehehe..happy monday guapa.

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