Me In Our Shop Office..

Ok this is how the office look right now. Lots of papers that need to be filed so we can get the money from the customers. Some of this need to make a receipt so when the customers comes they can just pay. But in a week this is be neat and clean cause I’m doing some cleaning project for this office hhahhaha.
Another pose for you all, one pose aint enough. So my fiancee decide to take more pictures of me cause he said I look nice hhahahahha, yeah his trying to impress me huh.
I love the way I look with my curly hair that’s why I like to pose for more hahhahahha. Just kidding alright hahahahha. Well there’s no customers this time, so we took pictures while we have chance hehehhehe. So this is how my fiancee office look right now…. So much paper works that need to be done. Which I need to be doing soon, but before working with it. I have to learn how it works first hahahaha. Thanks for reading everyone…

3 thoughts on “Me In Our Shop Office..

  1. i’m just another woman in love^_^ haaaaaaaaay .. klaro ug skato kaayo in love akong amiga sah!! pagka pretty nimo dira anna like kaayo nako imong outfit, curl hair plus pakapin smile! wowww ikaw na jud na.. stay in love kay mao ra nay secreto sa mga blooming! wahahahah.. btaw. tinood pretty kaayo ka. Yay samot na sa personal jud… stay in love hah. Ingatz and God bless

  2. Daff… Hhehhehehe inlove mo lang as in gyud. Love gyud ni nako akong vana kay as in super ka nice nalang gyud was libog. Lage nag curl para naa style sab akong hair kay always straight lang ni hehehehhehe. Smile gyud ko always maski usahay bored ba hahhahaha. Angel…. Thank you ha… sos nalang si vana gyud nahan man take pictures nako hahahhaha…Thank you all for you comments.

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