Texas I’m On My Way…..

Oh yeah this Anna girl is going back to Texas. I’m so excited to be back in Texas. I’ve lived there for over a year and I love it there. Life is too short you know and we have to enjoy it while we can, cause we never know what’s gonna happen next. While we still have chance to live in this earth, we have to enjoy every second of it. This week I will be moving back to Texas and I can’t wait to be reunited with my old friends I left behind when I moved here in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Yeah I went to hot to cold, what a change huh.

However, I love being here in Michigan though because I enjoy playing with the snow. After all we don’t have this back home you know hahahahhaha. Yeah I remember last winter I built the tallest snow of all. It was even taller than I am, oh well it’s all part of my passed now. Oh my I’m just so excited to be back in Texas. This is kinda silly for me but just can’t resist to tell my friends back in Texas that I’m coming back. I know they’re all excited and so am I. Hhehehhehe I can put it into words how happy I am right now but by posting it here in my blog. I’m sure you all feel my excitement, right? hehehehehe. Alright this is enough bragging now, see you all when I get there. Be ready cause Anna will be knocking on your door hahahhahahha.

2 thoughts on “Texas I’m On My Way…..

  1. <>Life is too short and we have to enjoy it while we can, cause we never know what’s gonna happen next<> – you’re right!I wish you great, happy, lovely time in Texas!

  2. Exactly…enjoy it while you can!!!That’s gonna be exciting for you. I guess texas is becoming more into filipino’s taste becuase of their weather. I have known so many friends who lived there so it would be good for you day Anna.Keep us posted nalang to your move.Take care and happy friday!

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