Got A Tag From Iriel……

Ok this is kinda different tag I got from Iriel. However, I’ll try to answer as much info as I could. By the way thanks for tagging me dai Iriel you know how much I love tag hehheheheh.

Here’s Iriel question:

“How true is it? That the body builders have a small penis?

Answer: I don’t believed they do and if it’s true I’m not interested to know why hehehhehe. I’ve heard all about this before from other people about body builders.

Now time for me to ask you all. I’m asking everyone..

Here’s my questions to all of you:

“Why is it that each time we sneeze we always close our eyes?

2 thoughts on “Got A Tag From Iriel……

  1. mao ni akong answer day anna s aimo questiuon:)“because of our instant Reflex! I think if you try to open your eyes while sneezing it would pop your eyeballs out!!Opening your eyes while sneezing is impossible to do u must do lots of practice with that and goodluck if you even want to try!!You will probably in the Guiness world of records if u can do it!!”thanks again for doing this tc always mwah

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