My New Photos…..

OK this some of the new pictures I took today and the other day. I had no other fun other than taking pictures. I love playing with my camera especially it’s new hahahahha. Yeah I’m so addicted with this new toy I have. It took nice pictures that’s why I keep taking pictures till I get tired.

I know you all wondering why the pictures are all black and white. I did this in purpose because I thought making it black and white is really cool. I think it’s looks very romantic and sexy when it’s black and white. That’s just my idea alright hahahhaha, so don’t argue with me. I’m sure you all know how much I love taking pictures as you can see here hahahhahaha. Yeah I can’t go somewhere without my camera. I’m sure we all of us do. So anyway in this second picture i have in here I’m just showing my simple smile to everyone, I didn’t know it will turn out like this though since I’m the only one who in my apartment during the time I took this pictures. So there’s no one can see or tell me if my pose is good hahahahha .

Well can’t play with the camera if someone is watching anyway. I prefer just by my self that way I can be a little sexy more hahahhaha. I’m fun but shy sometimes you know. I do feel embarrassed sometimes especially if someone is watching me while I’m taking pictures of my self. I don’t know why I have that kind of feeling but that’s how I feel anyway. This how I spent my day off taking pictures. I’d rather take pictures than going out hehehehehhe. That’s how simple my life is, simple things makes me happy. Which is very important, I think no mater what I do I always feel happy and always have my smile even if I’m in the bad mood.

I’m just proud on how I look now this is why I love to take pictures all the time. I think I’m very growing up woman now totally different than before. A woman with simple beauty. Anyway, I’m learning alot on taking pictures and at this time I’m waiting for my new software coming up tomorrow which I’m getting so excited since it’s the software that I love and been wanting for awhile and not it’s finally come true. Thanks for my angel that gave it to me as my present. Yeah I have Adobe Photoshop CS3 coming up tomorrow which I’m looking forward to study so I will learned more about it and can create some nice designed and graphics for my blog. Alright till everyone this is the update for now. Have a great week everyone.. and thanks for visiting my blog.

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