Sharing This Nice Poem!!!!

Whew what a nice Poem, anyway just want to share this short poem I got from Cherryblossoms. It was sent by one of the guy member which I really think he got this online hehehehhe. Anyway here it is.

Your Teddy Bear

If I could be your teddy bear

For just one single night;
Before you drifted off to sleep
You’d hold me, oh, so tight!

You’d tell me all about your dreams
Of finding someone dear.
A love to hold you in his arms
And drive away your fear.

A love that you could count on
When you really feel the need.
With whom your secrets you would share,
A special love indeed!

And as those words escaped your lips
You’d gently fall asleep
And, knowing what you’ll never know,
Your teddy bear would weep.

I’d cry because you would not know
You’d found your love, so true!
And then I’d whisper in your ear,
“Your teddy bear loves you.”

Romantic huh… Anyway i thought it was very nice to got a nice poem. However I have no interest towards him at all :)…

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